University Village at Clemson

103 University Village Drive Central, SC 29630


Arthur B. Profile Thumb

Arthur B.

3 hours ago

University Village at Clemson is pretty decent. The rooms are nice moving in and haven’t had issues with appliances so far. Plus, it’s Clemson, so the atmosphere can be very social.

Emma C. Profile Thumb

Emma C.

11 hours ago

Overall UV Clemson is a good place to live. The rent is reasonably priced and the apartments aren't too shabby. However, management is horribly rude and not understanding at all. If you have any problem they don't take you seriously because they think we're just college kids trying to cheat them when that couldn't be farther from the truth. We just want to be treated like adults since, in the end, we are paying our own rent to live there. We deserve more respect. Highly disappointed with management.

Hey Emma! Thank you so much for the feedback! Do you mind reaching out to our Property Manager at to elaborate on the situation you are referring to? We would love to rectify this for you! Have a great day!

Hunter C. Profile Thumb

Hunter C.

11 hours ago

It’s great! I enjoy living at UV. The rate is really good, the atmosphere is good, the staff is helpful, and it’s a beautiful place. I love it

Hey Hunter! Thank you so much for your awesome review! We're so glad that you're enjoying your experience in our community! If you don't mind taking a few moments to leave us a Google review, we would greatly appreciate it! Have a great day!

slmc*@*.edu Profile Thumb


1 day ago

UV is reasonably priced apartment housing (without sacrificing quality!). The major downside is the extra distance from campus, but driving time in the morning to get to campus (~10 minutes) is very similar to anyone living behind downtown that has to wait at the big 4-way light. For the price, the extra bit of distance is worth it.

Good Afternoon! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We appreciate you renewing your lease with us for another year, have a great day!

Keomba M. Profile Thumb

Keomba M.

1 day ago

I love living here but I wish the WiFi was better (and I know that it is free and it may not be anything the UV can do but the strength could be better).

Hey Keomba! Thank you so much for your review! We've sent over a Tech to identify any issues that may be occuring with your WiFi. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you! Have a great day!

Caden K. Profile Thumb

Caden K.

2 days ago

It’s a great apartment but there are some things broken and not working. Overall great for the money and maintenance and the front office is great.

Hey Caden! Thank you so much for the feedback! We've reached out to address your concerns so that we can rectify them ASAP! Thank you again!

Kevin C. Profile Thumb

Kevin C.

3 days ago

The price is great but having cockroaches everywhere all the time is not great. Also, if maintenance would be less of a joke I could give another star but they are quite bad. The people are nice I just cannot do bugs. Seriously, call an exterminator for this whole complex.

Hey Kevin! Thank you so much for your feedback! We appreciate your bringing this to our attention as we do have a weekly pest control vendor that comes to spray. Your apartment has been added to our log to be sprayed today. Are there any specific instances regarding maintenance that you are referring to? We would love to address your concerns internally! Thank you again for your review, have a great day!

Laura M. Profile Thumb

Laura M.

4 days ago

University Village gives a lot for a low price. The amenities rival competition in the area well. It has a nice, calm appearance and I’ve had no trouble with safety. Repairs are always done quickly and are easy to request. Currently, my biggest problem is the light outside my window that residents are unable to turn off and I have to sleep with a blindfold because of it.

Hey Laura! Thank you so much for the review! We love hearing feedback like this and are so glad that you've enjoyed your time within our community! Regarding the light outside your window, we will be happy to send maintenance to your apartment to see if this is something that we can disable for you. Have a great day!

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